Fools of Desire

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Fools of Desire is an exciting licensed Cafe in Rangiora, New Zealand. We focus on local, organic and seasonal food and drink. Email: foolsofdesire@gmail.

Fools of Desire


Fools of Desire (F.O.D) is an exciting and vibrant new licensed café in the heart of Rangiora. F.O.D operates with a focus on sourcing local and seasonal produce and using free range, fair trade, organic and ethical products!

• We have installed solar panels on the building’s roof, installed 100% LED lighting and have made provision to expand our solar panels as we can afford it. We challenge other local businesses to do the same!

• We are passionate about supporting the Rangiora community. We buy local, seasonal ingredients, sourcing from our garden when possible, and design our menu around that local, seasonal produce. We provide local free range chicken, eggs, bread, milk, duck, venison, cheese, olive oil as well as a huge range of local vegetables, many organic and spray free. This is the heart and soul of our menu!

• We also have an amazing craft beer and local wine selection. The majority of our beers and ciders are either Canterbury or South Island. We also have a strong showing of Waipara Wines including well-known local producer Ataahua Wines.

• We are a locally owned business. We are don’t have to answer to a corporate model or a franchise system, That means we can be different. Our milk is a good example of that. The product is fresh, has minimal processing, is local and we have even visited the cows! We try to visit as many of our suppliers as we can to see exactly how they grow their produce and raise their animals!

• We have the first live beehive in a Canterbury café. Built inside the Café. It is a fully functioning beehive. We use the honey throughout our menu, in place of sugar, and even use the honey comb as part of our home made crumpets for breakfast!

• Over the summer we are able to provide a large range of fresh vegetables to the Café from our own cafe garden and tunnel. Having our own garden also means we can compost all of the Café scraps, even the meats using the unique ZingBokashi compost system which was developed by a local Canterbury farmer. We are aiming for a zero waste!

We would love to hear feedback from you, suggestions about what you would like to see, maybe even like us on Facebook, but definitely tell your friends about us!

Thanks from Elisa and the team at Fools of Desire

    Cafe, Restaurant

   03-310 8133

      Conway Lane, 176 High St, Rangiora, New Zealand

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