Savino Rock Bar

Savino Rock Bar and Savino Live

Savino Rock Bar

One of the oldest and most famous bars of Larnaca. It is located just behind the seafront of Phinikoudes. Excellent spot especially for summer, while you can take a walk across the beach and then visit us for a refreshing cocktail.

Opposite Savino Rock Bar is Savino Live, a small club, with a stage for live gigs. It opened in September 2010 and brought a fresh air of live rock music in Larnaca.

Classic rock at heart, yet I do have another side called Alternative. My charateristics are rock and roll. Folk is when I have something to say; rap is when I have a lot to say. My happiness shines through pop. I laugh through country, I cry through the blues, I dance through hip hop, and I sing through opera. Ambient-- my nature, techno-- my craziness, R&B-- my love life, classical-- my relaxation, emo-- my anger, and gospel-- my religion (which is practiced through reggae, my spirituality). Jazz is my superficiality. And for anyone special in my life, tango since two can tango (and they can salsa). Indie is my unheard of nature (and trust me, I am very often unheard). Punk is my rebellious self, which sprung through my deep dark secrets in heavy metal. Acoustic is when I am best heard, soft rock is when I am best known. My confusion is trance. My actions are disco. Generally, foreign = my nationality. Renaissance, my history. And if people ever met me, they'd describe me as rhapsody. I can be best heard through my characteristics, acoustic rock; be rebellious from my characteristics, punk rock; and be natural because it's my characteristic, ambient rock. I am the music...

In music we trust...

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