The Saddle Room

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The Saddle Room is an American Eclectic restaurant that focuses on chef-driven, inventive and (most of all) flavorful food and beverages.

The Saddle Room

So, let's say you live in the burbs. No, check that. Let's say you live in the Chicagoland Area. Ok. Now, let's say you like food. But, it's not just that you LIKE food, it's that you LOVE it. And you RESPECT it. And you SAVOR it. We make food that you won't really find in too many restaurants around here. Normally, you'd have to go to the City Proper to find food like this.

But no, we make it available in the burbs. Hoffman Estates, that is. The place to be. That's where we are. We're right between Cabela's and the Sears Centre. We're tucked away, so it's not like we're attracting everyone and their mothers.

Don't get me wrong, we definitely attract mothers. We attract all sorts of people. We attract people who are adventurous. We attract people who are sick of the same old same old. We attract people who want to cut away from the norm and vege out in front of a fire that we stoke...literally.

We have a crazy good menu. We have an ever evolving bar offering. We have horse races. We have wine. We have Martinis and Cocktails that will leave you begging for more. We have a culinary staff that is chomping at the bit to bring you food that you just can't get anywhere else.

Oh yeah, we have a patio with a bar and 2 fire pits. Oh yeah, we have a Wine Bar for the big kids. Oh yeah, we have Happy Hour food that - i'll be modest - will make you feel like you stole from us!!!!

No matter what, you will be satisfied when you walk out the door. So come on, what are you waiting for? Put on your shoes, grab the keys, get a sitter for the kiddies and mosey on down to The Saddle Room,

You owe it to yourself.


    American Restaurant, New American Restaurant, Wine Bar

    Coffee, Dinner, Drinks, Lunch

          Suitable for groups
          Suitable for children
          Outdoor tables
          Table service
          Booking is NOT mandatory

   (847) 645-7500

      2559 Pratum Ave, Hoffman Estates, United States

  Internal parking



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