The Barefoot Cafe

The Barefoot Cafe


This little establishment opened its doors all the way back in March 2010. It was started by two lazy local surfer boys who both had a long history of outstanding service and bravery in the field of hospitality and figured this place was only a natural evolution.... Or alternatively needed to figure out ways to keep their mornings free for hangovers and/or surfs. Either way they are very happy with the end-result and hope you come to share their enthusiasm in this institution.


Our vision was to create a laid back place where all are welcome and all sorts of people can just come in, get together and kick back and let their hair down! We encourage the widest range of possible customers from different age groups, social classes, ethnicities, religions etc etc... You get the picture. So all of you here are either on holiday or living in paradise we ask that you kick back, relax and always talk to the person next to you!


We are like proud parents when it comes to our food. We take a lot of care to make sure the ingredients used are as fresh and as close to the route source as possible. This means home made pizza bases and burger patties, not frozen bull***. Getting as much produce from local producers as possible, this tastes better and is better for our environment. We cook our food from scratch and we try and do it well, ie No "just warm it up in the microwave!" So if your food is taking a little longer that accustomed to, please note that it is not because we are lazy surfers, but rather because we will not slack off on our standard when busy.

    Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Landmark & Historical Place


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      Shop 2, Cintsa, South Africa

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