Slayer Espresso

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Hand-crafted espresso machines making coffee better around the globe. We quickly reply to all inquiries during business hours: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM PT Corporate Office: 6133 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 Sales Studio:80 S Washington Street Seattle,WA 98104

Slayer Espresso

Professional equipment for serious coffee-lovers. Always enhancing our product, enchanting our clients, and expanding our reach, we've gained the kind of momentum that's only possible with pure passion for our work.

In the beginning, we pictured a product that would bring cafes to life with stunning, inimitable design. We imagined a machine that would repair easily. We envisioned a UI that would inspire baristas to feel and perform like artists. And, most essentially, we innovated a means of making espresso that could preserve the inherent sweetness and maximize the potential viscosity of any coffee.

With the Slayer espresso machine, we introduced pressure profiling by means of flow control. It prepares coffee with unprecedented technology and presents the espresso experience with unmatched style.

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   (206) 284-7171

      6133 6th Avenue South, Seattle, United States

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