Lost Creek Cafe

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American family owned restaurant, where food from our menu will be cooked to order. Sunday lunches where we cook things like chicken dressing. We seat less than 60 people but have a nice porch to sit swing, relax and talk with friends.

Lost Creek Cafe

Lost Creek Cafe' is named after the original name of this community. We are a local family who is determined to fill a need of our community.
We have been open since December 3 of 2016

Thur, Fri, and Sat the majority of our food is cooked to order from our menu. We have veggies that we cook ahead as they take much longer to prepare. The regulars have already figured out that socializing with your neighbors is the best way to pass the time while your food is being prepared. Don't be surprised if you find that you have friends you never knew before you visited here.

Sundays we do a bit different. Because everyone shows up near the same time, we have found it is best to cook ahead some great home recipe's and serve that until all is gone, as opposed to offering food from our standard menu. This not only cuts down on wait time, it gives everyone a chance to try a more comfort food type meal. We have a few things that don't interrupt the flow that are in addition to the Sunday Specials. Once the special is all gone we put together a back up short menu to make sure there is something to eat.

    Cafe, American Restaurant, Family Style Restaurant

   (256) 463-9058

      10505 County Road 10, Ranburne, United States



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