Fusion Art Bar & Tapas

Fusion Art Bar & Tapas - serving great food, wine and coffee. Artistic and eclectic!!!

Fusion Art Bar & Tapas

Welcome to Fusion Art Bar &Tapas.

The challenging and crazy life of an artist!
This simple, yet inviting space was created with YOU in mind!
I wanted people to feel welcome and
relaxed, enjoy good wines and tasty food, whilst appreciating the works of local artists in a unique
atmosphere. For me it was a flippant thought that has taken over 8 months to put together.
Gathering very old pieces of furniture, (somebody right now is probably sitting on a 1920’s commode) endless days
of stripping and sanding old chairs, then reupholstering. - Even the fabric is a print from an original artwork too.
Working with other artists to make specific pieces, (husbands come in handy here), modifying my own pieces, finding timbers to make the lights and upcycling items to make them functional.
The small details like sourcing the handmade cutlery and having most of the ceramic ware made for us specifically, even the leather menu covers are handmade. Look closely at the print on the cover - another
local artist at work.
It would have been much quicker and cheaper to get everything ready made from a supplier/manufacturer, but I wanted something unique, perhaps provoke a conversation.
Fusion Art Bar &Tapas is purely a passion, as I am an artist myself , this is where my heart lies.
UnderArt Gallery, next door was opened many years ago - 2009, and always supporting artists as a whole, I very much consider winemakers and chefs artisans in their own right, so to me this is a perfect marriage, therefore this is Fusion.
Please enjoy the ambience that is Fusion, Art Bar & Tapas
as much as what I do.
Thank you,
iefje Boissevain

    Wine Bar, Restaurant

    Coffee, Dinner, Drinks, Lunch

          Suitable for groups
          Outdoor tables
          Table service
          Booking is NOT mandatory


      12 Spence St, Cairns, Australia

  Parking in the street



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