Structure in Mauritius

Structure in Mauritius

Ebène Kas Poz

Kas Poz

Hi, I am Kas Poz! I spend most of my time in Ebene. I work hard but know when to Kas Poz. I am curious about the world but proud to be mauritian. I... »

Quatre Bornes Queen's Night Club In Mauritius

Queen's Night Club In Mauritius

Queens Night Club is one of the most popular club in Mauritius. Quatre-Bornes, where the club is located is the one of the safest town with full of am... »

Quatre Bornes Cakes Corner

Cakes Corner

My experiments with Cakes.......!

Black River Vanilla Village Mauritius

Vanilla Village Mauritius

Well-positioned in Black River, Vanilla Village is located in a beautiful garden, full of birds and big trees. Vanilla Café is surrounded by nature... »

Phoenix Phoenix Beer

Phoenix Beer

Enjoyed by all Mauritians alike, Phoenix Beer is part of their lives and happiness. As a reward after a hard day's work or just as a refreshing drink ... »

Grand Baie The Beach House

The Beach House

Restaurant and bar on the beach in Grand Baie.

Grand Baie AlkatraZ Night Club

AlkatraZ Night Club

AlkatraZ Night Club, located in Grand Baie next to Insomnia. No one escapes from AlkatraZ...

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