Structure in Lebanon

Structure in Lebanon

Beirut Ginette


Ginette consists of three distinct areas: the eatery, the fashion boutique area, the art gallery & USM modular system. On the terrace and the ground f... »

Qabb Ilyas Domaine de Chouchène

Domaine de Chouchène

Located in the heart of Kab Elias, in the Bekaa Valley, Domaine de Chouchene is a great escape in the middle of the nature, offering many facilities s... »

Beirut Café Hamra

Café Hamra

The monumental Café Hamra catches your attention even when you’re just drifting by: a paramount red hue fishes you into a regional museum of art, m... »

Deïr Taanâyel Megaplay


Experience the fun at MEGAPLAY , the largest indoor playground and family entertainment center in Lebanon .

Beirut Terroirs-Y-Seleccion


For the wine lovers and the wine connoisseurs. Terroirs-Y-Seleccion specializes in wine import from croppers who believe in their “Terroirs” and r... »

Beirut Leil Nhar

Leil Nhar

Your favorite food around the clock. For delivery: 01- 325 326 Our Mission: simplicity in our product mix, reasonable prices to go with them and serv... »

Tyre Kahloon Restocafe

Kahloon Restocafe

مين كحلون؟ تربى بين صور و بساتينها ، كبر بين تلال ضيعتو و الموجات .. صار شب .. وطلعو ... »

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