Structure in Lebanon

Structure in Lebanon

Beirut Ginette


Ginette consists of three distinct areas: the eatery, the fashion boutique area, the art gallery & USM modular system. On the terrace and the ground f... »

Beirut Leil Nhar

Leil Nhar

Your favorite food around the clock. For delivery: 01- 325 326 Our Mission: simplicity in our product mix, reasonable prices to go with them and serv... »

Beirut Tartan


Tartan is a pattern consisting of intersecting horizontal and vertical bands of threads in multiple colors. Tartan is mostly associated with Scotlan... »

Byblos Haven - The cabin

Haven - The cabin

We are a chill space where you can Enjoy delicious coffee & alcoholic beverages with a breathtaking panorama overlooking Byblos all the way to Beirut... »

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