Structure in Jordan

Structure in Jordan

Amman Nabteh o Fatteh

Nabteh o Fatteh

Restaurant and Cafe, Awesome atmosphere, delicious Arabic and Western menu items with nice seating dining area,and beautiful view at the terrace :)

Amman جبران - Jubran

جبران - Jubran

JUBRAN Restaurant & Cafe offers a great tasting menu to its customers, from food to desserts to soft drinks. We work hard to ensure that each guest re... »

Amman Dimitri's Coffee

Dimitri's Coffee

DIMITRI’S Coffee ® is the market’s most authentic specialty coffee brand, roasted locally in Jordan to provide you with the freshest, highest qua... »

Amman Nizar Cafe

Nizar Cafe

قالت لي السمراء,حبيبتي,الرسم بالكلمات,كل عام وانت حبيبتي...وغيرها القت علينا ظلاله... »

Amman Uncle Osaka

Uncle Osaka

Dessert Shop

Amman Citron Cafe and restaurant

Citron Cafe and restaurant

People ask a lot what Citron cafe is about. Its really simple, Citron is a place which is truly relaxing. Its combination of good food, great coffee a... »

Amman Costa Coffee Jordan

Costa Coffee Jordan

A DROP OF HISTORY IN EVERY CUP Costa coffee was first poured on our shores in 1971 at 9 Newport Street, London, by Sergio and Bruno Costa. Today, jus... »

Irbid B.12 restaurant & cafe

B.12 restaurant & cafe

اكبر مطعم وكفي شوب- اربد شارع الجامعه- مجمع النادي العربي- الطابق الاخير -, الرووف ,, ... »

Amman The Sandwich Boutique

The Sandwich Boutique

The Sandwich Boutique is Amman's newest and most favorite sandwich place!

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