Structure in Hong Kong

Structure in Hong Kong

Fo Tan 淳酒薈 Soul Of Wine

淳酒薈 Soul Of Wine

Soul Of Wine 紅酒薈

Ngau Tau Kok A Plus Fine Wine專頁

A Plus Fine Wine專頁

APlus Fine Wine 為了讓客人享受到不平凡的美酒,專誠到世界各地搜羅各國精品佳釀窖藏多款世界各地名酒, 提供批發... »

Hong Kong Conrad Hong Kong

Conrad Hong Kong

The official Facebook page of Conrad Hong Kong. For more information:

Central Hershey's Caffettiera

Hershey's Caffettiera

Hershey是店主Birdie的二女兒, Caffettiera是咖啡壺, 因店主嗜愛咖啡而命名 店主本身從事咖啡貿易, 嗜愛咖啡, 經常搜... »

Hong Kong Jon's Jamon 火腿莊

Jon's Jamon 火腿莊

Hong Kong Iberian Ham Specialist! We offer the Best Spanish Ham to Hong Kong Consumers and Wholesale to Hong Kong, China & Macau market! We carry th... »

Kowloon Woobar Hong Kong

Woobar Hong Kong

Countless Creations. Creative Concoctions. Fusing fashion and music with the city’s up and coming talent, get ready for the ultimate spree of ent... »

Hong Kong FAMA



Hong Kong HQ by Terrace Concepts

HQ by Terrace Concepts

Hidden on the third floor of No 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, with a 2,800 sq. ft. space, HQ by Terrace Concepts showcases the best of gaming, with a selection... »

Tsim Sha Tsui Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers (Official)

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers (Official)

Conveniently staged at the top of Kowloon’s Gold Mile along Victoria Harbour, the hotel is accessible from the train station, ferry terminal and MTR... »

Hong Kong Cafe 魔法學園 Maidjikku

Cafe 魔法學園 Maidjikku

傳說平行世界的另一邊,是一個魔法的世界,魔法學園的校長感受到平凡世界愈來愈多煩惱和不安,所以秘密地在這邊... »

Tai Po King's Belly

King's Belly

Opened in March 2009, King’s Belly in Tai Po has always maintained a high reputation for providing fine foods, drinks and live sports to our custome... »

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