Structure in Egypt

Structure in Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh Sharm Passions

Sharm Passions

Life in Sharm has been financially difficult, disheartening and boring since the plane crash. So we decided to open a Bar, Cafe and Restaurant that wi... »

Mit Ghamr Break Cafe

Break Cafe

Enjoy with us

Dahab Garage Restaurant&Cafe - Dahab

Garage Restaurant&Cafe - Dahab

A family place which serve food and soft drinks with the best taste with lowest price in Dahab

Alexandria Fanaki's Alex

Fanaki's Alex

Brand new to Egypt, Fanaki’s is a family run business which started in the UK in 2011. A quirky Coffee Shop inspired by English and vintage styles,... »

Sharm el-Sheikh TiO


TiO Cafe & Lounge находится в самом сердце Шарм-Эль-Шейха на велеколепной террассе Genena City,... »

Zamalek Pottery Cafe

Pottery Cafe

BRANCHES: Zamalek: 5 Abu El Feda Street, Om Kolthoum Tower Hotel Tel: 02 27357974- 01012228812 Lpassage - Alexandria 52 Fouad Street Tel: 0101 222 ... »

Asyut تسعينات-90s


المكان المناسب ليك ولعلتك ... وهتعيش فيه الماضي والحاضر مع بعض :] ..

Ismailiyah Gelato


Rolled Ice Cream on Grill The First Rolled Ice Cream in Al Ismailia ______________________________ اول ايس كريم علي الجريل في ا... »

Cairo Ilove F CAFFE


تقديم الاطعمه والمشروبات وعمل الحفلات واعياد الميلاد والاجتماعات

El-Mahalla el-Kubra Olà Cafe & Restaurant

Olà Cafe & Restaurant

مطعم و كافيه ، مناسب للشباب و قاعات خاصه بالعائلات و البنات ، جميع انواع المأكولات ... »

Cairo Bobos cafe

Bobos cafe

* Kitchen delicious and insomnia Enjoy every day in a new way * and favorable prices every day a new offer 01212135013 & 01001442452

Ma`adi Roly's Restaurant

Roly's Restaurant

Our Philosophy in our restaurant is using the fine ingredients, our own grown herbs and vegetables, our technique is based on professional and hygieni... »

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