Eastman's Forgotten Ciders

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Specializing in Cider made from old world varieties of apples.

Eastman's Forgotten Ciders

We are a small family business producing hard cider. Our cider is produced from apples native to our orchard, Eastman's Antique Apples, which produces over 1200 varieties of antique and heritage apples from around the world including France, Germany, England, and Turkey. Many of our varieties are known to produce a superior hard cider, such as Arkansas Black, Nonpareil, Yarlington Mill, Foxwhelp, and many more.

Cider began its decline from the most popular beverage in the nation around the late 1800s due to several unrelated forces, and as beer making and prohibition were added into history, cider was forgotten as the favored beverage. We aim to produce cider that brings it back into the favor it once flourished in, making it forgotten no more.

We aim to produce cider reminiscent of our forefathers and founders - when cider was safer than water and the preferred drink of presidents and farm workers alike. We are enjoying a return to drinking cider across the nation and country, and look forward to providing this unique beverage with a great history and taste.

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      1058 W Midland-Gratiot County Line Rd, Wheeler, United States

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